Gather organic food waste and scraps. Collecting compostable material requires little additional work—you simply place organic items, such as food waste and scraps in a collection container separate from your trash can. While you may purchase a designated indoor compost bin, many people collect their food scraps and waste in repurposed plastic food containers, trash cans, or compostable bags. After preparing or eating meals, place your food scraps into a compost collection bin.
• Acceptable items include table scraps, fruit, vegetables, and eggshells. These items are considered “green” waste as opposed to “brown” waste.
• If you are participating in a public or private program, only place approved compostable materials in your bin.
• If you are composting in your backyard, do not save meat and fish products for your compost pile—these items attract rodents and pests.

How can organic waste be collected?

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